Sprite version of Sean

I'm Sean, and this is my home on the internet. Here you'll see a collection of things I've written through the years on whatever subject happens to interest me on a given day.

I have a hard time writing a concise description of my annoyingly broad range of interests (well, annoying mainly to myself)... so I wrote a program to do it for me. The result is often oddly accurate in a way I didn't anticipate:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import random
adjective = random.choice([
    'Right-Wing ',
    'Libertarian ',
    'Gearhead ',
    'Blue Collar ',
    'Craft Beer Loving ',
    'Redneck ',
    'Rational ',
    'Anti-Authoritarian ',
    'Intermittently Ketogenic ',
    'Gun-Toting ',
    'Self-Reliant ',
    'Free and Open-Source '])
noun = random.choice([
    'Recording Engineer',
    'Dachshund Wrangler',
    'Armchair Economist'])
print("Sean is %s %s%s." %
    ('an' if adjective[:1].capitalize() in
        ['A','E','I','O','U'] else 'a',
    adjective, noun))

Please bear with me as I convert my old Wordpress site to this new static HTML format generated by Pelican. Some links are going to be broken here and there, and some code may spill out (I know, it's embarrassing). Hopefully the conversion is worth it... my goals are to make the site load quickly, not rely on CSS (i.e., use it only as an enhancement but not require it -- try turning it off!) and use no JavaScript.


The contents of this site are, hereby and wherever possible, released to the public domain. This is because I don't subscribe to the concept of intellectual property. So, do whatever you like with the music, essays, and code that I've composed. Attribution is of course appreciated, but not necessary. However, wherever audio recordings of anyone other than myself are presented, the law states that the copyright is held by the authors of those works. So for your own sake, don't distribute them or use them in derivative works.