My favorite music: that which has not been converted to ones and zeroes.

I should elaborate. I realize digital signals are far superior in their ability to be "generationless" when duplicated. However what I really mean when I say I prefer analog, is that the pitch wobble from a belt-driven turntable resonates with my sense of aesthetics on some level. I am soothed by the high-end roll off created by the stylus leaping from peak to polyvinylchloride peak. I enjoy a little wow and flutter-- and the odd-ordered harmonics emparted by saturated analog magnetic tape machines, combined with the even-ordered harmonics typical of overdriven vacuum tubes, empart far more elegance and character to, say, a Clapton record than would the flat, dry, linear pulse code modulation of sound pressure levels to a stream of 24-bit integers. The crackles and signal degradation of age I could do without, but they are a small price to pay for the reward of presence and fullness garnered by using primitive, if not somehow more God-given, technology.

Modified Thursday, April 01, 2021