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- cache-busting for certain static assets
- channel pop-up on right instead of overhead (avoid interfering with twitch's popup)
- autocomplete channel names in form?
- Reinstate "following" tab
- "top 10 popular games"
- "popular multistreams"
- add a "so-and-so stream ended, would you like to close it?" (maybe)
- Stay on a layout with no chat when closing a stream, if the previous layout had no chat
- Extend "multiple chats" to support 2x2, 2x4, etc (maybe)
- If watching streams from a community, and another streamer in the community goes live, popup asking if user wants to add them
- get "all domains" list from the database rather than a static array
- Add a "completely hide channel when not live" option for very infrequent featured channels and communities (i.e., agdq, etc)

# Done
- Self-host jquery and isotope (really, rely on CDN caching)
- Convert to CLI-triggered cron job rather than URL
- Migrate to Pipenv
- Add Lazygoat to footer
- Switch to Helix API for updating steams, channels
- feature more community info (logo/website link) on main domain
- make muting/unmuting happen only on first stream load
- Replace "close icon" with an X
- add robots file
- Viewer count (twitch player now does this)
- Twitch API-- migrate over to python library
- Fix chat picking
- Handle situation when last stream is deleted
- main page attempts to pick a layout
- Remove extraneous buttons when there's just one stream
- Remove extraneous buttons when there's no chat
- Make tooltip position a little nicer
- Remove stream repeats
- "Add a stream" capability
    -- check to see if stream is already there first
- Stream reloading
- Make form fields reshuffle when deleting a stream
- Automatic layouts for tag urls
- Enforce max streams for followed channels
- Don't check twitch api for channels we know exist
- mute/unmute streams only after player emits "playing" event

***Next release
integrate w/ twitch logins via twitch sdk; 'following' tab
'popular' tab
"close stream" button
Pretty URLS, make 404s more graceful
"channel has gone live" popups

***This release (Mar '14)
finish "live now" functionality
chat bug on chrome?
test on chrome, ie

***Blue sky
remove "enable audio" etc from one-stream layouts

multiple simultaneous chats
fix volume switching (HOW???)
re-order layouts so they're somewhat consistent
Channel-existence checking
Audio switching
Chat Menu
kbmod channel directory
"add/edit" link
"profile" buttons