Amplifiers. EP.

Si, Jon, and Andrew of Amplifiers have released the 3-song EP I recorded for them this past winter/spring, which you can check out below. Be sure to also check out their recently revamped MySpace page. Brian Schultz, Bill Smith, and I also made appearances on the recording.

  1. Error (Nothing's Perfect)

  2. Formations

  3. Redemption Song

They have some more songs in the works too, hopefully they (and I) will be ready to record again sometime in the near future.

The whole thing was recorded/mixed/mastered with Free/Open-Source software: Jack1, Ardour, SWH, CAPS, TAP, Invada, JConvolver, Jamin -- and probably others I'm forgetting -- on a modestly-powered (2GHz single-core) Arch Linux box.

Modified Tuesday, May 02, 2023